Starz App ON Apple TV


How can I get premium TV content with minimum hassle?

The traditional TV provider model is gradually being disrupted by new "over-the-top" or OTT subscription offerings that allow you to stream premium content and original programming on any of your favorite devices without a TV subscription.

Game Changer: The executives at Starz were not about to miss the opportunity to join the OTT party. I was tasked with bringing their new features and rebrand to life on the next generation version of tvOS on Apple TV. At the same time, other designers were bringing the same experience onto mobile apps and the Starz website. We all collaborated continually to address UX consistency. Visual elements such as colors, typography and iconography needed to feel connected, as did the content and interaction models. I worked closely with the agile development team to ensure usability was optimized. By launch we had a beautiful, polished app to show off that was well received by the fans.

Company: Starz Entertainment

Contributions: tvOS Application Design, Interaction Design, Task Flows, Functional Specifications, Usability, Quality Assurance

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Jeppesen Invoices Portal


How can I predict what my flight charts will cost next year?

From large commercial airlines to individual pilots, those who buy subscriptions to Jeppesen’s electronic charts rely on them to be up-to-date and readily available when navigating the skies. I was asked to improve Jeppesen’s website services to help chart customers access their invoices, generate reports and make certain the services they rely on are paid for and activated. 

Game Changer: Enabling access to customer invoices was a major need but we also wanted to understand how we could tailor the experience more uniquely for the charter accountants in the airline industry. I was responsible for helping to prioritize features within the invoicing portal, creating initial wireframes and testing the proposed functionality. I created a number of ad-hoc personas that could inform user stories and provide insight into our customer’s thinking. A major question was to understand which criteria the accountants used to search for past invoices. We used airplane tail numbers as a central search criteria and tested a prototype with users who represented the personas. Their feedback confirmed that tail numbers were very important and this insight shifted the project requirements toward a much more viable direction.

Company: Jeppesen

Contributions: User Experience Research, Personas, Task Flows, Wireframes, Usability, Visual Design

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Chase Ultimate Rewards Brand Experience


Where can my reward points take me?

Ultimate Rewards is a platform for Chase cardholders to earn points shopping online and redeem for a breadth of reward options.

Game Changer: We established trust with customers and increased active engagement with the online brand. The audiences we reached out to connected with the aspirational photography and targeted content. We then supported our customers ability to do the things we promised without hassle or frustration. Our design efforts were the foundational beginnings in creating a platform to book travel & shop rewards with ease that would delight users and grow the brand.

Client: JP Morgan Chase
Agency: T3 - The Think Tank

Contributions: Visual Design, Branding, Interaction Design, Task Flows, User Testing, Prototypes, Usability, Marketing Strategy, Email, Website Advertisements

Public Home Page — This experience for first time visitors demonstrates the breadth of reward options available with a fun, interactive gallery.

Public Home Page — This experience for first time visitors demonstrates the breadth of reward options available with a fun, interactive gallery.


Member Home Page

Member Home Page

Member Home Page

Wireframes & Interaction Design

E-commerce portal

Interactive Merchandise Showcases

Travel Experiences

Curated Content

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Travel Auctions Website & Campaign


How can we make auctions more enticing and drive repeat visits?

The goal was to make Chase card members aware that they could get a huge value for points by bidding on travel auctions. A promotion was created to auction vacation packages to 15 amazing destinations in the United States.

Game Changer: Bidding activity spiked way up during the 30-day promotion. The campaign put auctions on the radar for previously tentative customers and resulted in members saving up points to take advantage of future offers. I created the landing page where users would browse or filter by destination and get to bidding. I also directed my team at T3 to execute the various website advertisements and emails that would drive visitors to this page.

Client: J.P. Morgan Chase
Agency: T3 - The Think Tank

Contributions: Art Direction Lead, Visual Design, Interaction Design, Marketing Strategy, Email, Website Advertisments


Website Advertisements


Quarterly Email Newsletter

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Portico Club Destinations

What is Portico?

That is a question we needed to answer for potential members to take interest. Portico is a private, luxury vacation club with residences in 70 of the world's best destinations.

Game Changer: We created context for first-time visitors with a simple, elegant tagline. We also talked to the "escapists," Portico's destination experts, to bring their specialized knowledge to customers via the website. User testing helped us to prioritize which content was key in visualizing a vacation at one of Portico's outstanding luxury residences. Our participants particularly enjoyed seeing details on resort amenities, escapist tips, area maps, and member reviews. Portico gained momentum and was sold to Inspirato in 2013.

Client: Portico
Agency: Expero, Inc.

Contributions: UI / Visual Design, User Experience, Interaction Design, User Testing Scenarios, Design Prototypes, Advising on Usability, Form Design, Content Planning


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Innography Patent Reports

Is my patent portfolio at risk for litigation?

A lot of time goes into patent research. Large companies who may be threatened by litigation or who want to purchase a company rely on specialized analysts to scrub raw data for a complete picture. Innography created "playbooks", a step by step approach, to answer key business questions.

Game Changer: Innography was able to expand their customer base by offering less technical, business minded users a direct method for researching patents. This was achieved by incorporating the playbook idea into an easy online wizard. The user answers a few questions and then opens a report that can be shared. I worked closely with Innography's product team to design a framework for the wizard. We started with analyzing litigation threats and patent portfolios. We tested our first prototypes with users and learned that the reports had to be comprehensive and focused to be of any value. Users needed to reduce the complexity of their task so our questions had to be focused as well. When completed, Innography had a winning formula for adding an automated version of each playbook to the wizard. 

Client: Innography
Agency: Expero, Inc.

Contributions: UI / Visual Design, User Experience, Interaction Design, User Testing Scenarios, Task Flows, Advising on Usability, Content Planning, Data Visualization


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Metro-PCS & USA Basketball


Where can I meet a basketball legend?

MetroPCS became an official sponsor for USA Basketball prior to the 2012 Summer Olympics. This was a great chance to create buzz with customers. Metro organized a tour for customers to meet the players and needed to get the word out.

Game Changer: This campaign and the basketball events elevated the perception of the brand as more than a mobile carrier. I was asked to create a landing page, supporting emails and site banners to promote a series of exciting basketball events taking place in Metro’s major markets. I created the architecture for the landing page and when approved I went into design mode to create the branded look and feel. Linking to social media content was a smart move to capture the enthusiasm fans had during and beyond the summer olympics.

Client: MetroPCS
Agency: T3 - The Think Tank

Contributions: Visual Design, Interaction Design, User Testing Prototypes, Task Flows, Advising on Usability, Form Design, Content Planning


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Chase Health Advance Website Redesign


Can I finance a care procedure to enhance my life?

Chase purchased Unicorn Financial and entered into the world of health care financing. I was tasked to help redesign the existing Unicorn website to represent the Chase brand and set them up for success.

Game Changer: We redefined how Chase would attract additional care providers by focusing attention on better serving patients. Prior to the redesign, patient needs were underserved. The redesigned marketing site presents a strong visual brand and message made memorable with rich colors, sweeping lines, custom photography and a clear content hierarchy. We led both patients and providers into meaningful content addressing their specific concerns by procedure type. Also, patients now had a financial calculator to better understand their payment plans.

Finally, our redesign effort extended to the secured administrative site for providers. This is where custom reports and marketing resources are available to track financials and grow a practice. We made big improvements in the architecture and visual design to enhance ease of use for administrators.

Client: ChaseHealthAdvance
Agency: T3 - The Think Tank

Contributions: Art Direction, UI / Visual Design, Interaction Design, Information Architecture, Form Design, Content Planning, Marketing Strategy

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Travel Rewards Credit Card Campaign

Where can I go to really experience my passion?

The travel rewards credit card was the first test for Chase to determine if customers were receptive to a product with an emphasis on travel and experiences over cash and merchandise rewards.

Game Changer: We took a targeted approach to attract visitors to the landing page and it worked. We created several flavors of our marketing message to appeal to different audiences. We placed the ads on websites where they would be noticed. A cooking banner would appear on food network for example. And viewers did notice. Each ad displayed the same idea, that you can experience your passion somewhere special and your rewards can get you there. The banner would link to the landing page which I designed to be very direct and easy to see benefits and apply. This campaign is where we learned the ropes in marketing Chase's subsequent travel reward products.

Client: ChaseHealthAdvance
Agency: T3 - The Think Tank

Contributions: Visual Design, Interaction Design, User Testing Prototypes, Task Flows, Advising on Usability, Form Design, Content Planning


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